I've mentioned previously that I used to power walk through life.  I considered myself a city walker, zipping from here to there, quietly muttering at tourists under my breath as I swiftly scurried around them.  Now, my walk has no zip.  I more so gimp around my neighborhood, and watch as people three times my age easily leave me in their dust.  I don't mind the slowness of my gait so much as strangers' reactions to it.  More than once, I've been told (usually by older men) to "get out of the way," "quit goofing around" and "stop playing around with your gadgets."  I might add here, in none of these cases did I have a Bluetooth or a cellphone on me.  Once, I ended up entering the same store as one of the men.  I (nicely) told him that I am not "goofing around," but that I walk slowly due to pain and disability.  He turned a shade a light tomato, but I'm not sure if  he believed me.  In all, these situations leave me angry and frustrated.  I never know what to do.  I feel like ignoring the offender leaves them off the hook too easily and allows them to think that their behavior is OK, but I don't want to have to confront and try to educate every rude person.  What is your method of handing these types of situations?  Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comment section!

11/19/2013 06:10:17 am

I think mentionning the EDS (maybe not the name, which they probably don't know, but the pain and disability) without any anger or sadness should make them think and realise that they did wrong. :)


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