I tend to pick on physicians a bit.  I think it is something that all of us with a "rare" illness do to keep ourselves sane.  I will say, there are some good docs out there.  I have had the good luck in finding a few myself.  However, oh boy, are there some baaaaaaad ones.  The ones that tell you that your dislocations are "all in your head."  (But...ummm...my shoulder is hanging out of it's socket?)  The ones that tell you, if you come prepared with articles, etc., that you are Google-diagnosing yourself, and you MUST be a hypochondriac.  I could go on and on.  

But here is the good news.  At the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, an EDS Center will be opening soon!  This center will focus on physician education as well as patient care.  Find out more here.

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