I know there are people out there whose sleep is described as being so deep "the house could fall down, and s/he wouldn't wake up."  I am not one of those people.  Every little noise can, and will, wake me.  Of course, once I'm awake, I will realize I'm uncomfortable and spend the next 20 minutes trying find a new sleeping position that won't hurt or threaten to dislocate anything.  
I've found that white noise will prevent at least one source of awakening.  When I'm at home, I usually rely on my trusty desktop (here, nightstand) fan.  However, whenever I have to be away from home, I make sure to have my iPad just for a white noise app.  My favorite by far (and free!) is Relax M. HD.  It is available for Apple products and for Android.  There is an upgraded version of this app as well, but I've been happy with the free basic version.  The reason I prefer this app is that it gives you a number of "base" white noises, which are fine on their own, or you can combine each "base" noise with another to create a more complex and rhythmic white noise.  A free product that will help me to get a better night's sleep?  Definitely EDSer recommended!

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