So I've been pretty quiet lately.  The reason for this is because of the little kitten pictured here.  I am a kitten foster mom, volunteering with City Kitties, a local rescue group.  Because I am around a lot due to my EDS, I have learned to bottle feed kittens and to administer medicine.  I have therefore become the go-to for tiny and sick kittens.  Mara is our latest foster, and she is a sweetheart.  She is finally finished with her azithromycin (fish flavored, of course), and she is beginning to feel better and run around like a kitten should.  She still has to be kept separate from our resident cats, so she gets to stay in the "kitten room," otherwise known as the the master bedroom in our tiny house (Kitten: 1 Humans: 0).  Eventually, she will get to move downstairs with the rest of the brood, but for now, I'm enjoying my time with my tiny foster kitty.  She reminds me that even though I'm sick, I can still take care of others, and succeed at it.  

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