I have been spending most of my time in center city Philadelphia lately.  Not because I'm checking out the newest and hottest restaurants or gallery openings.  Nope.  What I have been doing is checking out some of the new hospital buildings and radiology equipment.  Because I'm cool like that.  
I managed to squeeze a ton of my recurring doctor appointments and tests in before the end of the year (while my deductible is met, of course).  Which means I have the 3 weeks before Christmas  packed full of charts, needles, monitors, and the like.  I also have to get an arthrogram on my shoulder to find out what is wrong with it.  With all the radiology tests I've had in the past few years, I believe this last one may put me over the edge.  I won't need a Christmas tree this year--I will be glowing just like one.  Merry Christmas to me!  And Happy Holidays to you!

12/11/2013 05:53:51 am

I'd love to know if you find any good Chiari, EDS, pseudotumor cerebri specialists you'd like to refer to - I'm in DE and seeing Baltimore dr's but we're in between surgeries right now so it would be interesting to get more opinions.

12/11/2013 10:31:40 am

Hello! For anything brain, neck, and chiari malformation related, I suggest Dr. Henderson at Metropolitan. He definitely seems to have the best reputation for treating those of us with connective tissue disorders. I've heard mixed reviews re: the Chiari Institute in Great Neck, NY, but many people seem to like Dr. Rekate there. I hope this helps!


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