I have been on a major downhill slide with my EDS lately.  I know EDS tends to be progressive, especially at certain times in females' lives when hormones tend to go through some changes (pregnancy, menopause, etc.), but I really did not expect it to be this bad this quickly.  I feel like every day I'm falling apart a little more.  I have very few joints left in my body that do not dislocate sporadically and painfully.  

Due to all of this, I've been homebound quite a bit lately.  It has been really difficult having so many days where I know fun things are happening all around me, but I cannot be involved.  Especially with the weather lately (snow, ice, and cold), I've been afraid of falling and making my situation even worse.  I think all of this is a long way of saying that I really, really dislike winter in Pennsylvania.  It does look pretty from the window, but it's doing a number on my joints and on my mental well-being.  I'm hoping for a early and warm spring!

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