But of course I'm going to add a bit.  There is a huge difference between addiction and dependence.  Many individuals (and some physicians) will try to convince you that it is a distinction without a difference, but this is false. Addiction is misuse or abuse of a drug, usually to obtain a high.  As an EDS patient, if your pain becomes intolerable and the doctor increases your medication, this DOES NOT make you a drug addict. In fact, most people in pain do not reach any type of high, just pain control.  If your EDS were to suddenly disappear you would be tapered off the medication and be drug free again.  Much of the same holds true to other medications like steroids and some antidepressants. Pain can cause nausea, anxiety, agitation, depression, feelings of isolation, hopelessness & helplessness. Good pain control can give you quality of life and increase functioning. Pain Control Clinics and knowledgeable physicians can help you obtain the best medication regime for your pain level and lifestyle.  You do not have to suffer in pain.

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