I am going to get a little personal here.  I wasn't diagnosed with EDS hypermobility type until I was pushing 30.  However, signs were apparent throughout my childhood.  Not just small sign either, but glaring, huge red flags.  However, no one ever put the pieces together.  Add to this story a few more details:  my family's favorite line while I was growing up was "suck it up"; sports were revered in my school and by my family; my dad is an ex-football player and coach and really wanted me to be a boy.  I'm sure you can guess where this all leads--I was a major tomboy who played just about every sport and ignored every injury.  I somehow always managed my numerous sports-related injuries (As a side note, I also became so used to the sports trainer's office at my high school that I was allowed to tape up other athletes).   These problems were all was all considered due to my "clumsiness" or "double-jointed-ness" or just plain bad luck.  Then, in my senior year in high school when spring board diving, I inexplicably dislocated my patella during a routine warm-up dive before a meet.  Still, no one could figure out the underlying problem.  And my family, coaches, etc. just kept pushing.  I finished that season of diving, and the spring season of track and field.  

I'm not a big believer in the "blame the parents for everything" theories in psychology.  However, I am sure that if I hadn't been told to "suck it up" so much as a child, and listened to such advice, my joints would be better today.  I probably wouldn't be dislocating at the rate I am now.  I surely wouldn't have the insane amounts of scar tissue and other "floaters" that I do in my joints.  I'm obviously not blaming my parents for not knowing about EDS.  What am I hoping to do is encourage those of you diagnosed with EDS (and know there is a 50/50 chance that each of your children will inherit the gene for EDS) will consider the implications of the disorder.  Please, if you suspect you child has EDS, do not push him/her if s/he is in pain.  Whatever the sport is, your child's health is more important.  Remember that for EDS patients, the damage caused now is long-lasting.  

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