Interesting info, as many of us take supplements (and are told to do so by various practitioners).  There are definitely a few in the "conflicting" territory that I swear by (cranberry for and to prevent UTIs, for instance, also GABA).  Others I totally agree are snake oil (glucosamine, any type of collagen replacement, etc.).  A large version of the chart can be found here.  What are your thoughts?  

Leicia Raygan, PhD.
03/28/2014 10:55am

Hi! I'm new here. My name is Leicia and I'm a licensed clinical psychologist with EDSIII. I'd like to reply to the question about supplements. I had tried (many) of them, until I went to see my (new) FMS rheumatologist. (Yes, I have FMS, also.) I aksed him about supplements, and he said most of them do nothing. He did recommend two of them: D-Ribose, and Mg Malate. I've found that the D-ribose does reduce my pain, and helps my energy and memory. The Mg Malate help with the severe aching.


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